April 26, 2013



TACLOBAN CITY – The barangays of Tacloban City joined the whole nation in the Synchronized Barangay Assembly conducted for the 1st Semester of 2013 last March 30, 2013 pursuant to Section 397(b) of the Local Government Code of 1991, Proclamation No. 260, and DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-23.




As provided for by law and in the light of accountability and transparency, the barangays are expected to report its accomplishments to the constituents, present their financial report, and update them on current programs and projects implemented. It is also the duty of the barangay to provide the community an opportunity to discuss current pressing issues.



For the 1st Semester of 2013, pursuant to DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-23, barangays were enjoined to present to their constituents the “(1) State of Barangay Address (SOBA) with emphasis on (a) CY 2012 Second Semester Accomplishments, (b) CY 2012 Second Semester Financial Report, and (c) Updates on CY 2013 on-going programs and projects; (2) Full Disclosure Policy; (3) Discussions on issues concerning the barangay such as but not limited to (a) disaster preparedness, (b) solid waste management, (c) peace and order situation primarily on the proliferation of activities pertaining to illegal drugs.”




As revealed by DILG-Tacloban City’s monitoring, through the leadership of City Director Atty. Darwin N. Bibar, there is a hundred percent compliance wherein out of the 138 barangays in the city, 73% have followed the March 30, 2013 schedule in the conduct of the assembly. However, due to conflict of schedule, 36 barangays decided to conduct on a later date while one barangay chose an earlier day.




Issues tackled primarily pertain to the current peace and order situation, solid waste management, and disaster preparedness in the barangay.




Maintaining peace and order is one of the top priorities of the constituents of the city, highlighting the need to install street lights in unlit areas, and strict implementation of curfew hours. In relation thereto, close coordination with Tacloban City Police Office (TCPO) is deemed vital to address the problem of some barangays with street children roaming around, sniffing solvent and shoplifting at business establishments. Further, with the present problem on the rise of drug-related activities, the barangay officials summoned the cooperation of the residents in identifying personalities involved and some barangays even offered monetary reward for this purpose.




The effective implementation of Solid Waste Management is also being called for in the barangays. The most common identified actions to take is the coordination between and among punong barangays in various areas of the city in as far as proper waste disposal is concerned. Residents, stall owners, schools and others concerned were urged to cooperate in this undertaking by cleaning their own surroundings and participating in pintaksi.




Meanwhile, in preparation for disasters, each barangay needs the full implementation of their respective Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan, the conduct of drills, and concreting of pathways to address flooding in some areas.




Other barangays have issues on sanitation as there is a need for the construction of public toilets and desludging of septic tanks in some boarding houses.




As part of its mandatory targets that are regularly monitored, the DILG-Tacloban City Team, made efforts to exact compliance from barangays by sending out letters requiring submission of the barangay assembly minutes with corresponding attachments; demanding explanation for failure to conduct the barangay assembly and encouraging them to comply the soonest possible time.



Monitoring the conduct of barangay assemblies has been an institutionalized undertaking in the department since RA 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991 took effect. DILG-Tacloban City Team hopes that this continued activity will merit the support and appreciation not only of the barangay officials but the whole community in the implementation of department thrusts.###