April 25, 2013



TACLOBAN CITY - In connection with the upcoming May 13, 2013 national and local elections the City Government of Tacloban, through the young, proactive and visionary City Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez, has already created its Local Governance Transition Team (LGTT) by virtue of Executive Order No. 13-03-0007 dated March 19, 2013.




The creation of the LGTT is in preparation for an effective turnover between the old and the new set of incoming local officials and to ensure continuity of local governance, which is pursuant to department issuances on Local Governance Transition, namely, DILG MC 2013-33, Regional MC 2013-01, and Regional MC 2013-33.



Aside from the creation of LGTTs, said issuances enjoin all local government units to conduct an inventory both movable and immovable properties and the assembling of needed documents such as “(a) CY 2012 State of Local Governance Performance Report; (b) CY 2012 State of Local Development Report; (c) CY 2012 Financial Performance Report; (d) CY 2012 COA Report; (e) Contracts and Loan Agreements, if any; (f) Comprehensive Development Plan; (g) Local Development Investment Plan; (h) CY 2013 Annual Investment Plan; (i) Comprehensive Land Use or Physical Framework Plan; (j) Capability Development Agenda; (k) Executive-Legislative Agenda; (l) Organizational Structure; (m) Inventory of Personnel by Nature of Appointment; (n) Executive Orders; and (o) Full Disclosure Policy Documents.”




Meanwhile, as part of its initiative, the city government created a secretariat/technical working group as reflected in Executive Order No. 13-03-0007, whose main function is to ensure that LGTT proceedings are documented and the required documents are complied with. It is composed of different department heads chaired by the Human Resource Management Officer (HRMO).




To date, Tacloban City has already complied with requirements for Local Governance Transition. Apart from the creation of the LGTT, it has already commenced the conduct of the required inventory of immovable and movable properties and the assembling of all needed documents as provided in the abovementioned circulars. Likewise, to guarantee success in this undertaking it has prepared a City Governance Transition Plan as set in the issued executive order.



Tacloban City is indeed ready for a turnover ceremony on June 30, 2013 upon assumption of the new set of local officials and is looking forward to maintain the good local governance that it has institutionalized through the years.###