rss Farm-to-market roads, agri facilities, and livelihood top LGUs’ wish list under BUB

February 12, 2013

Construction of farm-to-market roads, provision of agricultural facilities compose the majority of projects identified by focus LGUs in the region under the Bottom-Up Planning and Budgeting approach for 2014.

This, said Dir. Pedro A. Noval Jr., was the result of the consolidation done by the DILG-8 Local Government Productivity Enhancement through Teamwork (LGPET) Team # 2 and during the review by the Regional Poverty Reduction Action Team (RPRAT) led by the DILG last March 6-7 at the DILG-8 Regional Office in Tacloban City.

“The RPRAT went over the projects identified in the Local Poverty Reduction Action Plans (LPRAPs) of LGU beneficiaries which are being proposed to be included in the budgets of national agencies involved in BUB for next year”, revealed Dir. Noval.

He added that the group discussed among others, the steps to be observed when 1) a project prioritized by the LGU does not fall under the BUB menu of programs or does not correspond to the mandate of the agency it identified; 2) and the LGU projects exceed its budget cap.

To address this, DILG has set a series of feedback sessions on March 11-16 at the DILG-8 Conference Hall for LGU beneficiaries whose LPRAPs needed revisions. There are 115 focus LGUs in Eastern Visayas for the BUB  implementation in 2014.

The LPRAPs are the result of workshops held per LGU which heavily involved the civil society. After being organized in their respective civil society assemblies, CSO members chose their representatives  to  compose one-half of the LPRAT prioritize the projects to be funded under the 2014 BUB.  

In Ormoc City, Mayor Eric  Codilla led stakeholders  in a workshop last February 4 - 5. In his message, Mayor Codilla emphasized that the LPRAT should also take into consideration “a plan that is realistic and doable given the funds allotted and within the given timeframe.”  The group proposed projects relating to agriculture, tourism and livelihood programs, among others.

Civil society and the local government of Naval, Biliran agreed on 13 priority projects to be implemented under BUB in 2014 as a result of separate workshops last January 18 and February 5 through the facilitation of MLGOO Jerry Enriquez. These included such livelihood projects as ampao, kaong and basket making and food processing;  education transport vouchers to high school students; establishment of local registry of skilled workers; fishpens, mangrove reforestation, farm-to-market roads; and rehabilitation of irrigation system.

  1. Cabucgayan, Biliran, the workshop that was led by provincial facilitator Enan Macasusi and participated by both department heads, NGA representatives and CSOs, agreed on giving priority to nine (9) projects, mostly concerning  the development of livelihood for its citizens.  

In Tacloban City, the workshop was held on February 13 at the Local Governance Regional Resource Center, DILG Regional Office 08 and led by Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez himself. Atty. Darwin N. Bibar, DILG City Director said the workshop incorporated projects on livelihood, as a result of the CSO Assembly which was attended by 168 people last January 31 as well as proposals from the local government unit.

Meanwhile, in Southern Leyte, representatives of youth, women, senior citizens, religious, livelihood, and parents sectors participated in the province-wide LPRAP workshops from February 11-14.  They were selected from among 200 participants in the CSO assemblies last February 7-11.  The ten (10) focus LGUs in Southern Leyte are expected to receive a total of 153 million pesos next year for the implementation of priority pro-poor projects identified by the LPRAT.

In Jaro, Leyte, municipal officials and CSO participants led by Mayor Rolando Celebre and facilitated by MLGOO Cleo Palencia likewise proposed for several agricultural, livelihood and infrastructure projects.   

Once the LGU finishes working on the plan, the CSO representatives shall then affix their signatures for legislative approval. The Sanggunian may now endorse the plan for submission to the RPRAT review led by the DILG. Each municipality will receive at least 15 million pesos under the BUB, with capital towns and cities allotted a bit more. Projects are supposed to be aimed at poverty reduction, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, tourism and economic development.###





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